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[line] [four_column first] Rubber Categories [/four_column]Characteristics[line] [four_column first] Silicone Rubber [/four_column]Heat-resistance and can be used in 200-300 degrees. With FDA safe specification. So they are widely applied in food industry, sanitation, medical instrument and apparatus, decorative lighting and electronics appliance. etc.[line] [four_column first] Natural Rubber [/four_column]Abrasion-resistance, tearing-resistance, good stretch and with good flexibility.[line] [four_column first] Styrene Butadiene Rubber [/four_column]Abrasion-resistance, tearing-resistance, good […]

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America’s Zany Economy: Money for Nothing and Your Crap for Cheap

We’re all familiar with the perplexing state of the jobless recovery. More and more Americans are unemployed, underemployed, medically uninsured, and facing foreclosure, while those in the banking and investment sector, whose criminal speculation and fiscal irresponsibility caused the mess we’re in, are making more money than ever before. But, many of us don’t realize […]


Silicone Rubber Gaskets Die Cut for Critical Applications From Interstate Specialty Products

SUTTON, MA–(Marketwire – Jun 21, 2011) – Interstate Specialty Products, Inc. is announcing the availability of custom silicone gaskets and related parts, precision die cut from several variations of the material to match specific customer application requirements. Interstate Die Cut Silicone Gaskets can be custom fabricated from this high performance material for critical applications at […]