Glass Storage Food Container Set

Material: BPA-free and FDA approved.

  • Lid: food grade PP
  • Seal: food grade silicone
  • Container: Borosilicate heat resistant glass

The set includes(selectable):

  • Circular containers: 1 X 440ML, 1 X 650ML and 1 X 950ML;
  • Square containers:  1 X 350ML,  1 X 500ML and 1 X 750ML;
  • Rectangular containers:1 X 420ML, 1 X 630ML and 1 X 1000ML

Description of Goods:

  • Food can stay fresh longer in these containers, and keep a lot of fresh fruits and veggies a long time.
  • Containers are made of eco-friendly material than can keep the freshness of homemade food intact unlike other plastic containers that leaves a weird smell inside the food.
  • The lids snap on and off easily and have a great seal.
  • They also stack very neatly for storage.
  • Heat resistance temperature 400°C.
  • The compact set ensures space-saving stacking in your kitchen.
  • Safe storage in Dishwasher, microwave, freezer and refrigerator.
  • All containers are in transparent so users can see the inside food clearly and know how much is left in the containers.