How to Use Silicone Bakeware

How to Successfully Bake With Silicone Pans By Mariette Mifflin, Guide While many home chefs have embraced this newest line of bakeware products, some of us have been slightly reluctant to depart from our traditional metal and glass baking pans that have stood the test of time, long enough to even ‘test drive’ a silicone pan. […]


U.S. Study Says Graphic Images Make the Case to Quit Cigarette Smoking

By Erik Pineda   Graphic images carry more punch in convincing smokers to kick the habit, a new U.S. study said, which also showed that mere text warnings were no match to powerful representations of the numerous ill-effects of cigarette smoking. Researchers led by Dr James Thrasher of the University of Carolina in Columbia confirmed […]


Retailers bemoan plain packaging

James Yu, who runs the King of the Pack tobacconist in central Sydney, is indignant about Australia’s stringent anti-tobacco laws making manufacuters package cigarettes in drab olive green packs with pictures of ill babies and diseased body parts. The packages, mandatory from Saturday when the laws take effect, make it hard to tell brands apart, […]


Marlboro silicone cigarette case

2011 hot silicone products silicone cigarette case is made of high quality silicone material, which is able to fit a regular size cigarette box, such as Marlboro.


The Benefits of Silicone Kitchen Products

Silicone products have recently become a popular commodity in the home kitchen and can now be found in almost any store that sells kitchen products. What exactly is all the fuss about anyway, you ask? While it doesn’t mean you should immediately throw out your prized bakeware and kitchen accessories and replace them with silicone […]

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Material categories

[line] [four_column first] Rubber Categories [/four_column]Characteristics[line] [four_column first] Silicone Rubber [/four_column]Heat-resistance and can be used in 200-300 degrees. With FDA safe specification. So they are widely applied in food industry, sanitation, medical instrument and apparatus, decorative lighting and electronics appliance. etc.[line] [four_column first] Natural Rubber [/four_column]Abrasion-resistance, tearing-resistance, good stretch and with good flexibility.[line] [four_column first] Styrene Butadiene Rubber [/four_column]Abrasion-resistance, tearing-resistance, good […]

Technical data

America’s Zany Economy: Money for Nothing and Your Crap for Cheap

We’re all familiar with the perplexing state of the jobless recovery. More and more Americans are unemployed, underemployed, medically uninsured, and facing foreclosure, while those in the banking and investment sector, whose criminal speculation and fiscal irresponsibility caused the mess we’re in, are making more money than ever before. But, many of us don’t realize […]

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