Gooodol with leading production equipment, clean production environment and global consistent quality management system, to ensure that the quality of products consistently meet customer needs.


Mass production can bring considerable sales profits for customers, quality consistency is the life of products, and fine management is the guarantee of cost and quality balance.

Quality First

Quality refers to a parameter which decides the superiority or inferiority of a product or service.

Production Process

In the compression molding process and transfer molding , the materials should be mixed repeatedly on the open mill, the color should be modulated, and cut into standard sizes. The liquid silicone injection molding can be adjusted to the desired color only by adding color paste.

The compression molding and transfer molding, the material will be put into the pre-set temperature, and the temperature will be maintained for a certain time under the set pressure condition after mold closing, and the process of material to semi-finished product can be completed.

The liquid injection molding material sealed, is automatically metered at a 1 to 1 ratio, along with pigment of choice, and mixes the material and then injected into a hot mold cavity where it cures within a matter of seconds.

Due to the high flow characteristics and molding characteristics of silicone rubber products, there will be large flash after molding. Although we do the optimization in the mold design and manufacturing process, it is still inevitable to need manual trimming in the later process.

When liquid silica gel is used for injection molding, manual pruning is not required.

We also have a very complete set of technology in product surface treatment, which can help customers to do a series of services such as decorative patterns, function improvement (such as antistatic treatment).

Generally, quality inspection does not belong to one of the production processes, but in goodol, our quality control and the whole production process are integrated together, so we can achieve efficient delivery and ensure high quality at the same time.

  • Standardized process control

  • 24-hour two shift system

  • Clean workshop

  • IATF & ISO Certified QMS

  • Multi process matching



Process defect rate < 3%
Pass rate > 98%
On-time delivery 100%
Customer Satisfaction 99%


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