GOOODOL has a highly skilled engineering team who work in close partnership with a group of specialist rubber moulding toolmakers. These toolmakers have been carefully vetted by GOOODOL, most of which have worked with us for many years and fully understand our exceptionally high standards.


Together we design the tools for optimum performance as well as reliable and repeatable results over long product life cycles (which can be measured in decades in the case of some of our clients). All of the tools we commission are built in the CHINA by these rubber moulding toolmaker specialists, using the best materials and employing state of the art CAD/CAM facilities to make sure that the moulding tool is of the highest quality.

The Quality of the Tooling determines product characteristics

Our moldmaker/toolmakers are proficient with the design and manufacturing of single and multi-cavity molds.

The services include the following

We have the capability to manufacture tooling from 2D drawings and sketches as well as 3D CAD models using a range of programs including UG and SolidWorks. We can use 2D drawings to manufacture knife cutting tools for gaskets and seals.

Gooodol have a great deal of experience in cost-effective rubber mould tool manufacturing. We can offer our customers advice regarding tool sizing. We can also offer a range of different cavity tooling to suit your project budget (for example 8, 16, 64 cavity rubber mould tools).

As a custom rubber moulder we do everything in our power ensure pricing is as low as possible. We keep tool costs at a minimum for our customers to comply with cost down programs etc. We offer competitive lead times on all size projects.

The tooling design of chooses the appropriate Molding Technique:

  • Prime focus on product quality

  • Matching dimensions

  • Better productivity

  • Minimal wastages

  • Flashless or flash as thin as possible

  • Try to move the flash away from the critical areas

  • Better deflashing quality and etc.

  • Taking mold cost into account









Thank our partners and customers, looking forward to our relationship further!

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